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How it works

Phone2Vote integrates voice and text messages with a simple system to track citizen problems. Easy to use. Free to use for Citizens, modest charges for politicians, present and aspiring.

Summary of the features and advantages of Phone2Vote INDIA platform

Feature of Phone2Vote INDIA Advantages to Citizen Advantages to Leader, Mentor, Advisor
✓ Voice or text messages recorded ✓ Avoid travel to leader’s office or home.
✓ One local phone call at their own convenience
✓ Minimum time spent. Meetings are longer
✓ Messages heard conveniently
✓ Citizen’s number is given to the Leader or Doctor ✓ If the Citizen is not articulate, is unable to convey details, he/she will be called back.
✓ Messages can be brief or detailed
✓ Citizen called back at convenience
✓ Citizen’s number is now always available.
✓ Direct contact with citizen.
✓ Tracking System of Citizen’s issues ✓ The issue is not lost.
✓ Easy to follow up and highlight.
✓ Multiple issues tracked separately.
✓ Efficiency of staff, assistants evaluated.
✓ Better service to citizens in less time spent.

Sample Report

Mobile Number Pincode Locality Citizen's name Status Timestamp
9000000001 900030 Susan Forwarded
9000000002 900048 Clara Pending
9000000003 900082 Tom Follow Up

We are deeply committed to empowering citizens and promoting collaborative approaches to solving problems. 3 Apps, in Play Store, for users in the US, each has the same engine.
1) “Social Unity” App that makes it easy for a person interested in leading a group with an objective, details in
2) “Healthy America” App that makes it easy for a person to advice on health matters, details in
3) “Change America” App that makes it easy for a person politically or socially interested in mobilizing public opinion, details in

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Convey your opinions about Phone2Vote to its Founder By voice message: Call 040 - 23681521