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You will Re–define Democracy

in your Town or any area of your choice! Here is how.


Who is a Champion of Democracy?

Any citizen participating in Phone2Vote can become a Champion of Democracy by helping the Phone2Vote community grow.


What will a Champion do?

A Champion can do any or all of the following:

  1. Go through the politician details on any part of the web site and point out errors and corrections with evidence.
  2. Gather and forward accurate and correct data of politicians in any part of the country in the format given here.
  3. They can convince any politician on the usefulness of taking the services of Phone2Vote.

Is it an obligation to sell the concept to a politician?

Absolutely no. A Champion need not sell anything to anybody. It is only an option, and completely voluntary.


What are my benefits of being a Champion of Democracy?

For all data that you have successfully corrected Phone2Vote will award you 10 points for every correction, not more than 50 points for any single record. For all new complete and correct records, with photos, you have given Phone2Vote will award 50 points to you.

  1. Once you accumulate 100,000 points and more Phone2Vote will award a certificate to you.
  2. After you accumulate 10,000 points you can convert the points to cash in the ratio of ₹ 300 per 10,000 points. We will mail a cheque to you
  3. If you persuade a politician to take the services of Phone2Vote we will pay you 10% of the first year's net revenue to Phone2Vote from that politician. From the second year till the fifth we will pay you 5% of the net revenue received from that politician

After being a Champion of Democracy may I drop off?

Yes, definitely. Dropping off is absolutely your discretion at any time. Your participation as a citizen can continue.


May I be a Champion of Democracy and do limited things?

Yes, you are your own boss to decide how much and what to do. Points are awarded in proportion to work.


Will my personal details be shared with others?

No, definitely not. However, when you meet politicians or others and share your details that is out of our control.


How will you track my work and pay?

All corrections have to come directly from you using the procedure given here. All revenues from a politician have to be verified by Phone2Vote employees directly with the politician who has to confirm that you have persuaded him or her to take this service for the first time.


What about disputes between us?

Phone2Vote will be transparent. However, all decisions by Phone2Vote are final. If you do not agree with our procedure please drop this activity If you have further questions write to us at If you are ready to start and see how it goes, fill out the details and begin.

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