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What is the use of participating in these groups?

You will be able to express your opinions and make them heard by people who make decisions that have a direct impact on your life. The political leaders can then be held responsible and accountable


Well, can I participate to see how it goes and then drop out if I don' t like it?

Absolutely, the participation is voluntary and can be terminated at any time of your choice


What about my privacy? Will someone contact me to persuade me to something or sell me something?

No one will contact you other than the Group activity that you sign up for. Your information will never be shared with any person and this site does not allow any commercial business other than those described in this website and its agreement. However, when you send a text or telephone message to a politician your contact details are shared so that the politician’s office can respond to you directly


Will I be penalized or otherwise be at a disadvantage by expressing my opinions on any subject, political or otherwise?

Absolutely not. You are free to express any opinion, and all the participants, including you, have agreed irrevocably not to pursue any action against any other person in this website for their opinions. If at any time you are unable to stay in a Group due to the opinions in it you have the choices of contradicting them or just dropping off or starting another group of your own. Please read the complete agreement here.


When I am busy with something can I stay away for some time without dropping off altogether?

Yes, P2V Groups have the option for you to choose your “quiet periods” and then come back when you are ready. This and other features, to be offered soon, give you the flexibility to participate by adjusting this to your lifestyle and preferences


Can I contact a politician directly?

Yes, P2V Groups offer you the facility to send a direct message, by phone or web, to a politician of your choice if they have subscribed to P2V

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